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Spring Break: we will be closed from Jan 1st to Feb 28th 2022.

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We take State knowledge test ,driving test and adult driving training, which means student who is over 18 years old and has valid learner’s permit, or who has government issued valid foreign driver license and need to refresh driving skill!

Ace driving school is state approved testing location, we provide State Test and adult driving training. We offer our students quality drivers' education and training at affordable rates.

Ace is dedicated to preparing new drivers with the knowledge and experience necessary to qualify for a Washington State driver license on their first attempt. We offer the best experience at the most competitive price.

The one-stop experience provides you with the most convenient, fast and solid driving training. On the basis of the study and training of the trainees prescribed by the state government, the school will also strengthen the driving weaknesses of the trainees according to different people. Safe driving will make your journey of life smooth all the way. To this end, our instruction car is equipped with a professional dual steering wheel, braking system, accelerate to protect your driving training.

1.5hrs in-car lesson

  • 1.5hrs in-car lesson

6hrs in-car lessons

  • 6hrs in-car lessons (save $30!)

7.5hrs in-car lessons

  • 7.5hrs in-car lessons (save $45!)

Knowledge test

  • knowledge test(2 chances)

Drive test (customer's car)

  • Drive test (customer's car)

Drive test (school car)

  • Drive test (school car) : $95 ($55 testing fee + $40 school car fee)

Advanced package-new student (limited-time offer)

  • 60 mins warm up + drive test with school car (save $10!)

Advanced package-former student (limited-time offer)

  • former student [who learnt at least one section from us]
  • 60 mins warm up + drive test with school car (save $20!)
  • 14326 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, WA, USA
  • lots of parking spaces behind building


我们是华盛顿州政府认证的驾照考点 西雅图王牌驾校

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